Creating a Pet-Friendly Veterinary Office: 8 Design Tips For Accommodating Furry Friends

Creating a Pet-Friendly Veterinary Office: 8 Design Tips For Accommodating Furry Friends

April 29, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

According to veterinary practice news, in 2021 there were about 28,000 to 30,000 veterinary clinics in the United States alone. If you're redesigning or building your veterinary office and are stuck on how to set yours apart and accommodate furry friends?

Look no further! Here are eight hot design tips for creating the best atmosphere for our furry friends!

Veterinary Office

Let's begin with the overall look of the office, yes color. It may seem like the most logical choice to pick very neutral or beige tones, but make sure to add pops of color. You could even stick with your branding colors to make your practice that much more memorable.

The Lobby

With the lobby being the face of a facility, it is where you want to focus to start your veterinary hospital design. Try bringing some plants, or installing some type of water design to make it feel more like the outdoors.

Also, consider ceiling beams or something homier. Wood floors are also a great option if you are not worried about scratches. You could try scratch-free floors.


Yes, a veterinary office is primarily for fur babies, but we do need to think about the people who love their furry friends! This is where seating comes in. Consider comfortable, size-accessible seating, with no arms, and something easy to disinfect.

No arms! Yes, that's right. An armless chair can make holding a pet carrier much easier. Your clients will appreciate your detailed thought into this small, but simple design choice!


No furry friend likes to go here, making this area as warm and comforting as possible is a great feature for your office design. Try bringing in softer colors, soothing music, or even furry friendly accessories to make this a more welcoming, pet-friendly environment

Quiet Rooms

If possible, splurge for noise-canceling insulation. We all know how loud some furry friends can be, for various reasons. Even if it is just a few rooms at the start, this will make those pets who are more vocally outgoing stop bothering others.

Owners will also appreciate this unique design choice. They probably feel apologetic or a little embarrassed if their pet is the one being so loud, this option will give them some peace of mind.

Use Your Space Wisely

It doesn't matter the size of your veterinary office but using your space wisely will make all the difference for you and everyone involved. Those with bigger spaces, consider adding spa spaces, or an outdoor patio/reception area.

If you have a smaller space consider combining treatment rooms, eliminating, or even downsizing some facilities. You can do your job in a small space if set up correctly!

Light up the Room

While it is important to have the correct lighting in an operation room at your veterinary office, keep in mind other lighting choices. If you are going to change your lights consider color rendering and aim for lights that mimic daylight, LED lights are a great start.

Go With the Flow

All things considered having a modern, welcoming design that flows for clients, pets, and staff is very important. When thinking about design you want to make sure traffic in and out of the office flows well and pets have space to move away from each other.

Let's Do This!

Even if you just follow one of these, it will be enough to give your veterinary office a whole new look and feel for our furry friends and their humans. Make sure to contact us and check out our other blogs.

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