Construction of Dental Clinics: Understanding What the Project Entails

Construction of Dental Clinics: Understanding What the Project Entails

March 17, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

There are approximately 108,000 dentists working in the US. The vast majority of them work in dental practices. Those who don't, typically work in outpatient centers, hospitals, and even in physicians' offices.

While most new dentists will go to work for other dentists, many will eventually open their own offices or dental clinics. If you're weighing whether or not you want to open your own clinic, keep reading.

There are some things you should understand about the design build process for dental clinics.

Design Experience

Designing dental clinics isn't the same as designing an office space. Dental clinics have specific requirements in terms of plumbing and electrical design that you don't see in standard commercial construction.

In other words, you can't necessarily rely on any architect to do a good job of it. You want an architect with some real work experience in designing a dental clinic.

Otherwise, you can end up with a clinic design that works okay but doesn't necessarily serve your needs as well as it could.

Your Ideal Space

It's very important that you and the architect get on the same page about how you want your clinic to look and run. On the one hand, you probably have very specific ideas about how you want your primary treatment room organized for the chair, dental cabinets, and equipment. You're in a great position to provide very specific guidance on that.

In terms of the overall organization of the space, you'll need a bit more give and take. The architect may resist certain ideas because they're impractical. For example, the architect may know that an area that you want left open needs a load-bearing wall.

A long conversation early in the process and ongoing conversations as the design evolves can solve a lot of problems before they ever happen.


Dental clinics are like other healthcare facilities. They must meet specific and often stringent federal and local regulations.

For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act has specific regulations regarding access to commercial spaces. Your state or local government may have additional regulations that your clinic must adhere to once you open.

You want an architect and a construction company that understands those regulations. An experienced architect and construction company can also help guide your material choices.

You want surface materials that will prove easy to clean and sanitize but also won't look terrible.

Understanding the Construction of Dental Clinics

Dental clinics certainly share many features with the design and construction of other commercial spaces. Yet, it's not an identical process.

Dental clinics require a certain level of experience, so you get the right kind of design around plumbing and electrical demands. You also need a close collaboration with the architect to ensure that the space suits your needs while maintaining practical construction demands.

You also want experienced people for the design and build to ensure compliance with regulations.

Arminco Inc. has substantial experience in designing and building dental clinics. For more about our services, contact Arminco Inc. today.

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