Color Schemes for Designing a New Pediatric Dental Office

Color Schemes for Designing a New Pediatric Dental Office

May 28, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

Choosing the right color scheme for your pediatric dental office is essential in setting the right tone for your patients.

It's common for dental offices to want to ease dental anxiety in their patients, especially in a dental office for young patients. However, many professionals overlook the importance of the right color scheme.

In this article, we discuss color psychology and how to elicit certain emotional responses from your patients. We discuss how to bring everything from excitement and energy to tranquility and calmness to your office space. Continue reading to see which color scheme your pediatric dentist office needs.

Color Schemes to Try for Your Pediatric Dental Office

The process of designing a pediatric dental office starts with deciding what you want your space to say about you and your practice. What do you want people to think?

When considering the color scheme for your pediatric dental office, for example, it's important to consider how you want your office to feel to your patients.

This means taking color psychology into consideration.

Color psychology involves learning how color affects our thoughts and feelings. It's part of why we feel relaxed surrounded by the green colors of nature or excited when we see bright colors.

Decide how you want your patients to feel in your office and consider the following color schemes.

Bright and Happy

Offices with bold color schemes elicit a cheerful response from their patients. For example, colors such as orange and yellow are associated with feelings of joy and cheerfulness, respectively.

This means that parents and children entering your office for a pediatric dental visit will immediately experience a boost in their mood. If this is the response you want, consider playing around with bright and happy colors when designing your space.

Fun and Youthful

Instead of being one of those offices with bold color schemes, consider focusing on a fun and youthful color palette.

When we think fun and youthful, we think energetic, innocent, and creative. You can achieve these responses through color schemes utilizing red, pink, and purple, respectively.

White also symbolizes innocence and light, which can be perfect for a youthful look when mixed in with other fun colors.

Cool and Calming

Maybe you don't want your patients excited and energetic. Maybe you want them to feel calm and relaxed to ease dental anxiety. For this response, you'll need a cooler color palette.

A dental office for young patients benefits from a calming effect because it can be difficult to calm energetic children long enough to examine their mouths or perform a procedure.

For a cool and calming effect, consider blue and green. Color psychology tells us that blue causes us to feel peaceful and sympathetic.

Green elicits a similar response of harmony and tranquility. This makes sense considering the feeling we get from interacting with nature. These two colors are a great option for your pediatric dentist office if you want calm and peaceful patients.

Get Started With Your Pediatric Dental Office

Start your pediatric dental office off right with the best color scheme. Take the time to really consider what impression you want to leave your patients with.

Do you want them to be excitable and happy? Or do you think a calming effect is more appropriate? Whichever you decide, make sure to make the most of color psychology and the options available to you.

Contact us today for more tips on creating the best pediatric dentist office.

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