Clean and Fresh: How To Update Your Medical Office Design

Clean and Fresh: How To Update Your Medical Office Design

April 08, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Is your medical office in need of an update?

A revamped medical office design can transform your office. Simple aesthetic upgrades can allow your patients to feel welcomed and at ease. Continue reading to learn more on how to update your medical office design.

Modern Medical Office Design

The first step in transforming your medical office is to take inventory.

Carefully observe your office space. Consider how to benefit your patients while they are waiting for an appointment. Envision aspects you would appreciate while sitting in a medical or dental office.

A neutral color pallet can be both inviting and comforting. Some patients may experience anxiety or apprehension. The calming hues can wash away any sense of worry they may have.

Your healthcare facility design can transform your dull, generic office setting into a welcomed patient-friendly environment.

Wall decor featuring peaceful oceanfront views can allow your patients to visualize being on vacation. Decorate your medical office with beautiful nature photography.

A modern dental practice design may feature an open concept. This design allows for a "tell, show, do" theory. The ability to view other patients can provide comfort and alleviate any fear.

Office Furniture

"Is your office furniture worn and outdated"?

Office furniture is an essential aspect of providing the ultimate patient experience. The goal is never to keep your patients waiting long. However, things beyond your control can occur.

Providing comfortable quality office furniture is an amenity that all will much appreciate. Don't be afraid to have an assortment of chairs. Gone are the days of sterile, uncomfortable office seating.

A relaxed approach allows your patients to feel at home. The more comfortable your patients feel, the happier they will be. They will mention how great their office visit was to their friends and family.

Providing a Patient-Friendly Environment

Patients vary widely in age range and interest.

Wait times can vary in a medical or dental office. Providing a patient-friendly environment that caters to all patients is essential. A fun, engaging children's waiting area can provide a much-needed break to the working mom.

These kid-friendly waiting areas can feature flat screens tv's, seating, and engaging activities to help pass the time. A simple snack bar offering snacks, water, and coffee may be a welcomed surprise.

A Tech-Friendly Space

In the era of modern technology, most patients will carry a cell phone or smart device. Ensuring that your medical office design has charging stations will be a perk that is much appreciated.

Offering complimentary WiFi and workspace areas for professionals on the go can make stopping in for that dental appointment a breeze. Most medical offices have resourcefully incorporated the use of tablets or iPads. These devices allow for a simplified check-in process.

The use of technology will modernize your office and streamline the patient experience. Creating a patient-friendly environment will allow your dental or medical practice to thrive.

Let Arminco Inc. Transform Your Medical Office Design

Arminco Inc. is proud to offer an all-in-one architecture and design experience.

If you have a medical, dental, or veterinary office in desperate need of revamping, let Arminco Inc. revitalize your medical office design. A staff of highly trained professionals is ready to assist you with every step of the process.

Contact Arminco Inc. today for office design, construction, and project management needs.

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