Building Your New Dental Office

Building Your New Dental Office

September 21, 2018 - James Ton

Once you have envisioned your dream dental practice, it is time to turn it your office design into reality. Below are two simple yet important pieces of advice to make sure the construction of your dental office runs smoothly to perfection.

Plan- making sure you have all the key information for your designers and project management team is of the utmost importance for a smooth construction process. The number one cause of construction delays are due to indecisions from clients and making changes during construction. In order to minimize any delays, make sure you have made all your decisions during the design phase from floor plan layout, materials, finishes and equipment and be sure to stick with your decisions. Minimizing any changes and indecisiveness during the construction period will make sure your dental office will be finished on time, if not earlier.

Trust- you have chosen your design and construction team, so why not place your trust in their work and processes? Although it is highly encouraged that you stay involved in the development of your practice, trying to micromanage will only slow down a process an experienced team has developed after numerous, successful projects. As how patients should put trust in your dental knowledge, you too should put trust in your team’s construction knowledge.

Watch the video above as project managers Kevin Sears and Louis Gonzalez discuss more about the construction process you can expect when building your new dental practice.

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