Benefits of Using Plants in Medical Reception Interiors

Benefits of Using Plants in Medical Reception Interiors

June 07, 2024 - Arminco Inc.

Studies show that there are about one billion doctor visits every year. With so many people visiting the doctor, knowing how to make a comfortable and welcoming medical reception is crucial.

A medical waiting room is often the first impression for a patient. Furthermore, many people in a doctor's office report feelings of anxiety and stress, especially if they're visiting for a serious issue. Indoor plants are an ideal way to improve the atmosphere in your medical reception.

If you're looking for a way to improve your medical reception, we're here to help. Read on for a brief guide on how to use indoor plants to improve your medical waiting room.

Helps Promote Healing

Plants have been shown to help promote healing in patients. Plants are known for naturally filtering the air of toxins and chemicals, helping to combat SBS, or Sick Building Syndrome.

Plants also help to increase the humidity in an indoor medical waiting room. As such, they're great for reducing the dry, cough-inducing atmosphere of some rooms. These benefits are excellent for patients with respiratory illnesses.

Freshens the Interior

Plants are well-known for improving the air quality of the room around them. Research shows that plants are ideal for filtering CO2 out of a room and increasing the oxygen content. In turn, more oxygen allows people to remain more focused and attentive and improves their mood.

Plants also help to reduce the bacteria and mold in a room by regulating air quality. These benefits can help to reduce the spread of sickness.


When shopping for indoor plants, you should aim for hypoallergenic choices. Hypoallergenic plants are plants that won't trigger any allergies, such as through pollen.

Using plants that have allergens can have an adverse effect. It can even make it so some patients aren't able to wait in your medical reception!

Easy Care

Finally, some room designers are hesitant to use plants out of a concern that they're difficult to care for. Some people feel that plants require constant watering, pruning, and attention, which can drastically increase the workload on the medical center's staff.

The right office plants won't require a great deal of maintenance. Some large healing gardens may require high maintenance, but these are typically in hospitals with large staff.

In a small office or medical reception, you can instead opt for ferns and other plants that are low maintenance. The only task to keep in mind is that the plants will need water. Even then, many gardening tools will keep your plants watered for you.

Sprucing Up Your Medical Reception

Adding a few indoor plants to your medical reception is a great way to improve the indoor air quality. Doing so can help with less bacteria, less dry air, and an improved patient mood.

At Arminco, Inc, we bring expert staff to help you with the design and layout of your medical practice. With decades of practice under our belt, we're dedicated to ensuring your project has the attention and time needed to improve. Contact us today to see how we can help you design the perfect medical reception.

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