Arminco Scores Big with Construction of  New Dental Offices for Redskins’ Dentists

Arminco Scores Big with Construction of New Dental Offices for Redskins’ Dentists

January 24, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

Champions for Oral Health

When it came time to design and construct new office space for their rapidly-growing dental practice in Fairfax, Virginia in early 2019 - Chad and Pooja Kasperowski were looking to “up their game.” And, as the official dentists for the Washington Redskins football club, their new space had to be elegant, inviting and comfortable for their high-profile patients. No one knows this playbook better than Arminco, Inc.: the DC area’s premier provider of dental, medical and veterinary office design and construction. In less than 10 months, the new “Champions for Oral Health” offices were completed, providing top-notch care in a chic yet hospitable environment that patients love.

Above all, the Kasperowskis desired a welcoming space for their patients with an “Instagrammable” vibe, incorporating high-end design and artwork, while also subtly utilizing the color burgundy (in homage to a few very important patients – HAIL!) The doctors had already leased approximately 4,000 square feet in a pre-existing office building in Fairfax, conveniently located near INOVA Fairfax Hospital. Arminco, Inc. was brought in to design, build, and help furnish the new space and construction began promptly in March.

Champions for Oral Health

According to Arminco’s head senior designer, Allison Rasmus, the design process began with concept of a casual art gallery feel and a large piece of abstract canvas wall art for the consultation room, that was specially commissioned from an artist in Italy. The “casual art gallery feel” then extended to each of the 11 patient operatories, which were outfitted with their own pieces of coordinating artwork – all subtly featuring the color burgundy. In the main reception area, a cozy stone and wood fireplace was constructed, surrounded by comfortable modern furniture with clean lines and pops of burgundy throughout. Additional points of interest include a custom-built display cabinet to house the doctors’ collection of Redskins memorabilia; a whimsical black and white photo wall with images of patients laughing and smiling; and a specially-constructed photo booth where patients can take “before and after” pictures of their beautiful smiles. Each of these elements was thoughtfully designed to demonstrate how much the Kasperowskis truly value and enjoy their patients.

Champions for Oral Health

By the end of November, construction of the stunning new “Champions for Oral Health” office space was complete and Arminco’s construction crew, led by project manager Louis Gonzalez, transferred the dental and office equipment from the Kasperowski’s old offices in Fairfax to their new home near Fairfax Hospital. This process was done efficiently over the course of one week, which translated into very little lost production time for the doctors. In the end, the job was completed on-time and on-budget, with staff and patients thrilled by their “game changing” new workspace.

Champions for Oral Health

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