ARMINCO Inc. Launches a New Episode. COVID-19

ARMINCO Inc. Launches a New Episode. COVID-19

March 23, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

In this episode of Synergy Practices podcast, Art and Darwin dive into the current pandemic COVID- 19. There are so many questions surrounding Dentists. Whether in the market to start a new practice or contemplating on doing a renovation/facelift. There are two approaches to take during this time, an offensive and defensive approach. Gathering a game plan and putting it in place is key. Join us as we lay a few options out to provide an offensive approach and game plan for the future success of the practice during the current COVID-19 shutdown.

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The goal of our Synergy Practices forum group is to provide a platform specifically for Dentists to be able to discuss industry trends, bounce ideas off one another and even network. We would love for you to invite your dental colleagues so they can join in on the action. As we continue to grow, we hope this will be a resource for all your dental questions!

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