A Simple Guide to Getting Your Dental Office Floor Plan Right

A Simple Guide to Getting Your Dental Office Floor Plan Right

April 16, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

If you're remodeling your dental practice or building a new one, then floor plans are probably on your mind. The right dental office floor plan can help decrease anxiety for your patients, both adult and pediatric.

It also allows for efficiency of office flow as well as comfort. Take a look at our brief guide for developing a floor plan that works for your size office.

Get Started

The floor plan is a great place to start. Large remodels can seem overwhelming without a jumping-off point, and a floor plan provides the impetus for the rest of the project.

As you consider the important aspects of your dental office floor plans, think about how your practice is run. Who are your clients? How many dentists and hygienists do you have?

A typical operatory is 12 feet by 10 feet. You can customize the space for your staff; for example, adjust the room to help a left-handed dentist perform exams more comfortably. The same goes for tall or short dentists and patients.

Review Your Dental Office Floor Plan for Efficiency

Once you have the basic idea of a floor plan of the dental office, consider the flow of a typical day. Where will customers wait? Where will they walk when they're coming in for their appointment?

Whether you're making pediatric dental office design floor plans or adult practice plans, the office flow should drive the design. Will you need a lab or imaging room? How accessible do rooms like the mechanical room or the server room need to be?

Practical Design Needs

There are other practicalities to consider for your dental office design floor plans. Think about imaging and whether you'll have availability in each room and how the machines will be stored. Do you need extra cabinetry?

As you're figuring out how much storage you need, remember that cabinets add extra costs. If you can consolidate or organize your cabinets a little bit, then you could cut out some cabinets. That can help with budget concerns.

Size of Office

Even if you have small dental office floor plans, you can still follow five basic principles no matter the size of your office.

Remember that a floor plan doesn't include everything that a full set of blueprints includes. When you hire a contractor, they won't be able to give you an accurate price estimate unless they have the full plans, and the issuing authority won't give you a building permit with just a floor plan.

Floor plans are great for getting an idea of where furniture will fit and how the customers and staff will flow through the office. They can help you communicate with your building team about your vision for the space.

Plan to Succeed

Creating the right dental office floor plan can help you succeed in your business. Customers will relax and be able to enjoy the time they spend in your space when it's welcoming and easy to navigate.

Get in touch today for help with the design and architecture of your space. We can walk you through the process, all the way through the final construction phase.

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