A Guide to Functional Wall Decor for Pediatric Dental Offices

A Guide to Functional Wall Decor for Pediatric Dental Offices

October 13, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

Fear of the dentist is a real cause for concern, especially in children. Studies have shown that an average of 20% of pediatric patients experience dental fear and anxiety. 

That's why implementing functional wall decor is a great option to enhance your dental office. By using fun and whimsical wall decor options that also serve a purpose, you can help ease tension and anxiety for nervous pediatric patients. 

Let's explore some of the ways functional wall decor can be used to decorate your pediatric dental practice below. 

Immersive Seating Arrangements

For anxious children in the waiting room, you'll want to use functional wall decor to ease their fear. One way to do this is by using fun seating that will help patients feel more at ease. These seating arrangements should go along with the overall theme of your dental office.

For example, if your dental practice has a space theme, you may want to have seating that looks like mini rocket ships or UFOs. If you have a forest theme, you'll want seating types of decorations that mimic it, like cute toadstools or tree stumps. If you have a jungle theme, have chairs and benches shaped like jungle animals such as tigers or tortoises popping out of the walls.

The focus should always be on creating an inviting, child-friendly, and stress-free environment for your young patients.

Game Station Functional Wall Decor

Kids love playing video games. It's a good way to pass the time while they wait for their turn in the exam room. Not only that, but it's also a great way to reduce the stress of a dental visit. 

Wall-mounted game stations are a fun and practical way to liven up your pediatric dental office. You can utilize touchscreen tablets or built-in game systems with the latest games to bring an interactive approach to your functional wall decor that kids will adore. 

Cinematic Movie Screening Area

Most dental office setups try to incorporate a TV so children can watch movies or TV shows. But instead of just having a boring flat-screen TV mounted onto the wall, you can turn it into a functional wall decor experience. Designing a pediatric dental office is all about catering to the child's comfort needs.

Dress your big screen TV up like it's a real movie theatre. Add some plush kid-sized movie theatre chairs for them to sit in. Drape red curtains around the screen to give kids the feel that they are in a movie theatre setting.

If you want, you can even put up a divider wall between the movie area and the rest of the waiting room so that it is a darker and quieter environment. This is ideal for children who may be experiencing sensory overload. 

3-Dimensional Brushing Stations

Good dental health is important. However, research suggests that over 40% of children already have cavities by the time they start Kindergarten. While this could be attributed to factors such as poor dietary choices, one of the most common issues is inadequate brushing habits. 

When children visit your pediatric dental practice for a check-up, they can also learn better brushing habits. Using functional wall decor pieces like 3-D brushing stations is ideal.

You can feature colorful and friendly cartoon characters like an alligator with its mouth open and a mirror built in. When kids step up to these mirrors to practice brushing, they will love the colorful 3-D cartoon characters smiling back.

Explore More Dental Office Wall Decor Options at Arminco Inc.

You've worked hard to build your medical or dental practice. With so many great dental office wall decor options available, it's easy to create a pediatric dental practice your young patients will enjoy. Functional wall decor lets you use every part of your dental office in unique and innovative ways. 

Arminco Inc., located in Sterling, VA, is your source for the best in medical and dental office design. We can help you make your design dreams a reality. Experience our consulting and construction expertise for yourself.

Contact us today for all your dental office design, construction, and project management needs. 

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