A Dental Facility Can Look Bigger and More Comfortable With These Tips

A Dental Facility Can Look Bigger and More Comfortable With These Tips

June 24, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

About 36% of people in the U.S. have anxiety about dental treatment. Because small spaces can often trigger more anxiety or unease, it can be challenging for those people to receive treatment if their dentists have compact offices. 

If you want patients to feel comfortable in your dental facility, you need to open it up. But how can you do that when you only have a finite amount of space to work with?

Let's talk about it. Read on to learn all about how to make your dental office feel larger and more comfortable. 

Keep It Bright

Bright spaces tend to look larger by default. 

When you use dark colors on the walls, it feels as though they're closing in. In a home space, like a cozy den, that can be beneficial. In a medical setting, like a dental practice, it may make patients feel trapped or anxious.

Instead, use white and light colors. White tile floors and white walls will make the space feel larger and more open. 

If you have windows in your space, keep them open (but perhaps tinted for privacy). You can also use sheer curtains so light gets in but no passers-by can see inside. Keep lights bright and cool-toned (and consider LED lights over fluorescent).

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great for opening up spaces. They reflect light and bounce it around, adding more brightness to a space. 

You can use larger mirrors on the walls in small offices to make them feel as though they extend further out. Don't put one somewhere where a patient would see themselves during a procedure, but a floor-length or even chest-height mirror on the far wall can help a lot.

Patients can also use those mirrors to see themselves after cosmetic dental work. 

Avoid Bulky Cabinets

Have you ever stepped into a dental office that you knew was objectively large, but it felt smaller because of bulky wall cabinets? Wall cabinets can make a space feel more closed-in, especially if dentists and other staff members are opening them throughout appointments.

If possible, opt for sleeker built-in cabinets or put the cabinets against the far wall rather than on either side of where the patient will be seated during their appointment. 

Keep the Floor Clear 

A cluttered floor can also make a dental center feel smaller. This is true both in the waiting area and in each individual procedure room. You want to clear out as much floor space as possible. 

Keep storage lifted if possible. If it must be on the floor, keep it against the far walls to maximize visible space.

In the waiting room, keep seating areas comfortable, but compact. Large plush chairs and couches are comfortable, but they're bulky (and difficult to clean). Try a more minimalist approach and leave space between and around furniture pieces. 

Make Your Dental Facility Feel Larger

No one wants a small and cramped dental facility! Even if you're short on space, there are things you can do to make your space feel larger and more comfortable. Put these tips to the test when you're completing your next dental office floor plan renovation. 

At Arminco, we help medical professionals transform their offices into modern and comfortable spaces for staff and patients alike. Contact us today for your office design and construction needs.

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