6 Outstanding Ideas for Your Orthodontic Office Design

6 Outstanding Ideas for Your Orthodontic Office Design

September 18, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

When you first opened your orthodontic clinic, you probably weren't thinking too much about how to design and decorate it.

You were focused on your mission to help people improve their oral health - fair enough.

However, studies have shown that modern design features in a medical facility can not only attract more patients but also improve their outcomes, and even reduce the cost of care.

So, the question is: could your clinic use a little upgrade?

If so, keep reading and discover six fantastic orthodontic office design ideas!

1. Opt for an Open Bay

The layout you go for when planning out your clinic can make or break it, and if you want to ensure maximum productivity, our tip is that you opt for an open bay.

After all, as an orthodontist, a short amount of time with each patient. Plus, you don't really need private operator rooms.

As such, an open arrangement is a surefire way of maintaining a good flow and avoiding delays.

2. Think Beyond Your Typical Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are usually quite dull and boring.

You have a few rows of chairs, a center table, a couple of magazines, and that's it.

So why not go for something completely different?

Think about what would make you feel comfortable while waiting for a doctor's appointment and apply that to your waiting room.

3. Add a Pop of Color

Dental clinics are typically associated with neutral tones, like white, grey, or light blue.

However, adding some color, even if you paint only one wall, will completely transform your office. Our suggestion is that you go for a color that's bright and cheerful, like orange or green.

4. Bring Some Nature Into the Office

Did you know that having contact with nature can help speed patient healing?

This is probably more relevant to a hospital, where people can stay until they're fully recovered, than to an orthodontic clinic. Nevertheless, it's undeniable that some greenery can make any room feel a lot welcoming and comfortable!

5. Have an Entertainment Area for Kids

If you're a pediatric orthodontist, or simply cater to the entire family, having an area for kids to wait for their appointment is an excellent idea.

Get a large TV, a gaming system, some toys, and some books, and there you have it: an easy way to please the little ones (and their parents)!

6. Create a VIP Room

If you want your clinic to be seen as luxurious and elite, having a beautifully-decorated VIP room will definitely help.

Remember that there has to be a reason for patients to choose your VIP room, so think carefully about the exclusive services you're going to offer.

Which of Our Orthodontic Office Design Ideas Are You Going to Use?

Now that you know all our favorite ideas, you're more than ready to upgrade your orthodontic office design and give all your patients an even better experience at your clinic.

Whichever design ideas you loved the most, we can help you bring them to life.

Send us a message today and let's get your project going!

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