5 Ways to Make Your Orthodontic Office Less Intimidating

5 Ways to Make Your Orthodontic Office Less Intimidating

October 20, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

Did you know that more than 4 million Americans are wearing braces at any given time? Despite its commonality, going to an orthodontist is still a frightening experience for many. This is not surprising as braces significantly change a person's appearance.

The good news is that orthodontist offices can relieve that fear by designing a welcoming office. Read on to learn five ways to make your orthodontic office less intimidating. We'll explore topics such as orthodontist office decorations and interior design tips to make your patients feel at home.  

1. Open Floor Plan

For many people, walls are irrationally frightening. They feel like the walls are closing in or like they are in a jail cell.

You can ease patients' minds by constructing an open floor plan. This way, they do not feel trapped.

An open floor plan starts at the entrance. The receptionist and billers do not need to sit in an enclosed office or behind a glass window.

Many doctors are choosing to collocate the waiting room and administrative staff. Some patients still prefer privacy when they go back to see the doctor. You can get creative with privacy using curtains and other means to separate patients.

2. Color Schemes

Many people do not understand the psychology of color schemes. Certain colors trigger a subconscious reaction and can affect your emotions or behaviors.

For example, red and orange are not colors that put people at ease. If you are trying to make your interior design less intimidating, try painting with soft and natural colors. Light blues and greens are colors that tend to make patients more comfortable.

3. Kid-Friendly Orthodontic Office

While a growing number of adults are getting braces these days, it is important to cater to the bulk of your client base. Children and teenagers are the primary demographic for orthodontic patients. Therefore, you need to design a kid-friendly setting.

You can achieve this by adding kid-friendly artwork to the walls. Another effective idea is to make the waiting room feel more like home than a frightening doctor's office.

4. Lighting

Operating in a dark and dreary room is not going to put your patients at ease. Instead, it is best to install light fixtures and lamps that bring warm light to each room.

Maximizing natural light is also beneficial for many reasons. You can achieve this with more windows and glass. Also, an open floor plan allows natural light to flow more freely.

5. Upgrade Your Furniture

You cannot complete an effective interior design without good furniture. The days of lining up chairs in an office are over.

Successful medical practices are making their waiting rooms more comfortable. This includes couches, coffee tables, and other furniture that makes the office feel more like home.

Your Guide to Orthodontic Office Design

You are now ready to start designing an orthodontist office that satisfies your clients. The goal is to make them feel safe and welcome. Your interior design choices are likely to bring in new clients and keep existing ones.

If you need help with orthodontic office design, contact us today to speak with a professional.

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