5 Ways to Improve Your Dental Office Interior Design

5 Ways to Improve Your Dental Office Interior Design

November 30, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

Picture this: You’re in a badly lit waiting room, seated on a hard, uncomfortable chair. That anti-bacterial smell that you associate with hospitals and pain hangs in the air. The sound of dentist drills and muffled voices filter down the dingy hallway.

Ugh, it’s enough to make anyone cringe.

Don’t let this be your dental practice!

Below, we’ll guide you through 5 key areas of good dental office interior design. These tips will transform your dental practice into a functional and welcoming space.

1. Define Your Objectives

Before you look for ways to improve your dental office design, evaluate what you want to achieve.

Are you trying to increase efficiency, or create space for more treatment rooms?

Are you trying to boost your client base and invite more patients into your practice?

Understanding your goals will inform which parts of your practice you should focus on.

2. Create a Functional Floor Plan

A good floor plan will ensure patients and staff move around with ease.

Modern dental office designs are often divided into zones. Create a public zone, a treatment zone, and a staff zone.

The public zone includes the waiting room, restrooms, and consultation areas.

Divided the treatment zone into smaller areas. Here, patients can be guided through preparation, treatment, and recovery in privacy.

Acoustics play an important role in this zone. You don’t want the sound of drills in other rooms to trigger anxiety in patients.

Lastly, your staff zone includes kitchens, storerooms, and offices.

3. A Good First Impression

Waiting rooms set the tone for each patient’s dental experience. A well-designed waiting room makes a patient feel safe and reduces their anxiety.

Comfortable seating helps patients relax. Leave enough space between chairs so the room doesn’t feel over-crowded.

Place a few plants around the room. Indoor plants reduce stress levels and increase air quality.

Your waiting room is also an ideal place to display any dental products you may have on offer.

For a professional waiting room design, check out Arminco Inc. The Arminco Inc team has designed and constructed over 500 dental practices.

4. The Right Color Scheme

Colors evoke profound emotional reactions in people.

As tempting as it may be to play it safe and stick with neutral white and beige tones, well-placed pops of color can really uplift a room.

Color psychology shows that light pink, green, or blue tones create a calming, peaceful atmosphere. In fact, blue rooms can actually lower blood pressure and respiration rates!

Yellow increases happiness and optimism, while white simulates cleanliness and safety.

Avoid using red, as it increases blood pressure and aggression.

5. Illuminate Your Practice

Lighting plays an important role in good dental office design.

Avoid fluorescent lights, as they can cause headaches and eye irritation.

Soft, warm lighting creates a welcoming glow. Brighter lights will liven up dull areas.

Natural light is wonderful and helps to relieve stress, but it can cause a strong glare. Consider installing an anti-glare window film to reduce the intensity of the glare coming through your windows.

Dental Office Interior Design That’ll Boost Your Business

Whether your aim is to boost productivity, create more space, or simply rejuvenate your waiting room, use the tips above to guarantee a successful transformation.

With a splash of inspiration and a little hard work, you can create a dental office interior design that everyone will rave about.

For more dental office design tips, check out our other blog articles! And if you need help from the pros, contact us today!

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