5 Practical Tips on Designing a Dental Office Break Room That Wows

5 Practical Tips on Designing a Dental Office Break Room That Wows

November 04, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

An adequately designed break room should provide your dental office employees with a temporary escape.

In reviewing dental office floor plans, you should consider designing a break room that exhilarates your employees—dental office design matters. Continue reading to learn more on five practical tips on creating the perfect dental office break room.

1. Create a Comfortable Space

In reviewing your dental office floor plans, creating a comfortable space for your employees can provide solace during a much-needed break.

Your dental practice break room design should create a comfortable space. The break room should be a different color than the rest of the dental office, which makes a feeling of being away from the rest of the office.

The break room furniture should be comfortable, providing some of the comforts of a home environment.

2. Outdoor Space

If you want to wow your employees, include outdoor access from the break room. A patio with outdoor seating will allow your employees to get a breath of fresh air, enjoying the sounds of nature.

This outdoor space is also helpful if your employees need to make a quick phone call.

3. Bathroom Facilities

The hustle and bustle of a busy dental practice can make for a busy day. During your employees' break time, they likely don't wish to stroll across the office to use the bathroom.

Providing access to bathroom facilities inside your dental practice break room will be much appreciated by your employees. This convenient feature is also helpful during times of emergency at the office. Providing a fully functional bathroom with a shower and toilet will save your employees the hassle of having to commute back home.

4. Modern Conveniences

In addition to comfortable seating areas, consider adding modern conveniences to your dental office breakroom. A flat-screen television will give your employees a chance to catch up on the news, watch a favorite sitcom, or keep track of the latest game scores while taking a break.

A full-service kitchen can allow your staff to enjoy prepping a quick lunch. If one of your employees forgets lunch at home, this is a valuable feature that your team will appreciate.

5. Let Light Shine

If your dental office clinical space is closed in, your break room should offer a large window as a focal point. The ability to view the outdoors can create a relaxing atmosphere for your employees to recharge.

Dental office clinical areas can be confined and, at times, claustrophobic. Allowing natural light and window space in your dental office break room will give your employees a much-needed break from the fluorescent lights and closure in the clinical area.

Dental Office Floor Plans

In designing the most efficient yet contemporary dental office, paying attention to details is essential. Dental office floor plans come in a wide variety of choices and designs.

Your dental practice is an integral part of your life.

You must consider all elements for your dental office floor plans. At Arminco Inc., a team of respected designers can help you create the ideal dental office space. These professionals can help you identify the goals and needs of your office.

Creating functionality and comfortability for your office space while adding your personal touch is how Arminco Inc. can help you design the perfect dental office.

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