5 Fun and Creative Trends in Pediatric Dental Office Design

5 Fun and Creative Trends in Pediatric Dental Office Design

October 30, 2020 - Arminco inc.

Since 20% of school-age children are afraid of going to the dentist, it's critical that pediatric dental offices are designed to alleviate these fears and make kids feel calm and welcome. If you're responsible for designing one of these offices, this may sound like an overwhelming challenge. Luckily, though, dentists have been working to make this a reality for a long time.

Here, we're going to talk about some trends in pediatric dental office design that you don't want to miss. Read on for some information on how you can create a calming and comfortable space for kids who come to your practice!

1. Disguise Dental Equipment

One of the main reasons that children are afraid to go to the dentist is that the equipment looks scary to them. This makes a lot of sense when you consider that they have no idea what it does and have probably never seen medical tools of that size before.

Luckily, there are ways that designers can make this equipment less terrifying to little eyes. Painting it bright and fun colors is a great way to make them see that it's actually pretty cool technology. You can also put a drape over it with fun patterns so that kids don't notice it and get anxious the moment they enter the office.

2. Technological Escapes

In the waiting room, it can be calming to children to immerse themselves in their favorite shows. Watching cartoons that they know and love is something familiar that may make them feel less fear while in the office (or at least distract them from their anticipation). Our designers can also install and position a TV set in a way that lets them watch these shows during teeth cleanings.

3. Seek and Find Murals

If you don't want to invest in a TV (or think it will bother parents), seek-and-find murals are a great way to engage kids. Not only are they fun and colorful, but 'Where's Waldo'-style games give them something to do. This is a great way to pass the time during a cleaning and keep kids occupied.

4. Consider Special Needs

Autistic children and those who are otherwise neurodivergent may face additional struggles at the dentist. Loud machinery and breaks from routine are common issues that these kids struggle with. Soundproofing your space goes a long way, as does having the option to dim lights that shine brightly in their eyes.

5. Offer a Reward for Children

At the end of a dental visit, it's a good idea to offer a reward for children that they'll actually enjoy. Put some fun party favors and small toys in a treasure chest and let them choose something as a reward for good behavior in the dentist's chair. This will keep them happy after their visit and have them looking forward to the next time they come.

More on Pediatric Dental Office Design

Now that you know some of the best current trends in pediatric dental office design, it's time to get started. Contact us with any lingering questions that you may have on creating the perfect space to ensure that children have a calm and positive experience while at your office. We also are happy to discuss the logistics and projected cost of your project so that you know what to expect.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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