5 Drool-Worthy Office Kitchens to Make Your Employees Never Want to Leave the Office

5 Drool-Worthy Office Kitchens to Make Your Employees Never Want to Leave the Office

November 12, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

It doesn't matter what kind of medicine you practice, or even what kind of business you work in. Every company should have a kitchen for its employees. Every good doctor office design includes a kitchen where employees can relax and reenergize.

The best doctor's office design does more than just put a fridge and a coffee maker in a room, too. It puts work into the kitchen design and other things like the waiting room, adding appliances that make everyone's life easier.

Keep reading below to learn more about how to design a good kitchen for your medical facility and business!

1. The Best Kitchens Are Technological

An office kitchen isn't exactly like the one you may have at home. It should feature technology that makes people's lives easier. Most people may not have the time to cook a full meal while sending emails or writing reports.

So, your kitchen should function to make employees' lives easier. Automate as many processes as possible, and take the guesswork out of preparing drinks or snacks.

2. Take Inspiration From Unlikely Places

eBay is a world-renowned company that has led major revolutions in technology. The company has inspired others to follow in its footsteps, pioneering new kinds of markets online. And being a leader in such an intense field comes with many advantages, mostly in the kitchen.

It took inspiration from food truck parks for its office kitchen. The wide-open plan lets employees gather almost wherever they want, without feeling like they're at work. Instead, it helps people feel like they're just hanging out with friends at a food truck park.

Plus, there are tons of different meals on the menu at eBay's kitchen!

3. Make Your Kitchen Feel Like a Home

Casper is a relatively new company selling mattresses online. While it may not sound like an exciting business, it has actually pioneered sleeping science and developed a mattress that customers drool over. If you're laying on a Casper mattress, you feel like you're at home.

The company implemented that design in their kitchen, featuring a tile counter with large tables. The colors are similar to what most people would find in their grandparents' homes. And the lighting and shelf units also help people feel like they're right at home while they're at work.

4. Expect to Spend a Lot of Time in Medical Facilities

Workers and patients alike expect to spend a lot of time at a medical facility. Whether they're clocking in or need help from a doctor, they may spend hours there. And when you're staying there in the wee hours of the night, you may need a pick-me-up snack.

So, the best kitchens are fully stocked with almost anything workers need. Beyond just coffee, the kitchen should offer energy drinks and snacks galore. The best also offer microwavable meals and major appliances, like they do in most modern workplaces.

5. Merge Workspace and Eating Space

Most offices aren't working with a lot of space and need to maximize what they do with it. Many can't cut corners when it comes to kitchens, literally. Every crevice and spot should serve a function.

Medical facilities that provide a workspace in their kitchen can help boost productivity. The workplace can also be stocked with chargers or other supplies. That way, workers can grab supplies while also filling up on snacks!

Doctor Office Design Should Include a Kitchen

Doctor office design should always include a kitchen since it can be such an integral part of the company climate. It is often where employees gather to chat, and having a kitchen means people won't need to leave or a meal. It encourages them to stay and be more productive.

And if you want to build the best kitchen possible for your doctor's office, just reach out to us here!

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