5 Creative Pediatric Dental Office Design Ideas

5 Creative Pediatric Dental Office Design Ideas

June 04, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

What advice would you give parents who want to start taking their kids to a dentist?

Perhaps, you'll tell them to be careful with their words and avoid saying things like "hurt", "shot", or "painful." Maybe, you'll also tell them not to tell stories about unpleasant dental experiences, or you may caution them against promising a reward for going to the dentist.

All of these would be excellent advice. Of course, as a dentist, you shouldn't forget your role in putting your patients at ease. This is where pediatric dental office design comes in.

That being said, if you're looking to remodel your dental office, here are some family-friendly design ideas to keep in mind.

1. Put Safety First

A kid's idea of a cool dental office could be one that has many toys, books, video game systems, etc., and it's awesome if your office has a lot of these items. Don't forget, however, that your clinic also has to appeal to parents.

That means if you plan on setting up a play area, you should make sure it's childproof, out of the path of traffic, and can be easily monitored by parents. It's also a good idea to provide enough space that allows kids to move around. This way, they can burn off all that excess, nervous energy before they sit on the dental chair.

2. Consider Patients With Special Needs

Some children have sensory issues that may prevent them from feeling comfortable in new environments. For pediatric patients with special needs, there are certain things you can do to help them be more at ease.

These include treatment room distractions, wall coverings that help mute sounds, wheelchair-accessible dental chairs, and so on.

3. Embrace Color for Your Pediatric Dental Office Design

With newer dental offices that cater to adults, you'll notice that the overall design tends to be more laid-back, reminiscent of a relaxing med spa than a traditional dental clinic.

The great thing about pediatric practices is you can be as creative as you want. Think colorful, bright, whimsical, and fanciful. Of course, it helps to know some dental office themes that are kid-centric, for example, jungle adventure, space exploration, fantasy quest, and so on.

Once you've decided on a theme, you can work with a designer who can help you with choosing the right dentist office decor.

4. Keep the Adults Happy

It's great if your pediatric patients love your office, but remember, they don't have the power to influence others to come and see you. On the other hand, parents or legal guardians can.

That's why you must do your best to keep them happy and comfortable while they're in your office. Lucky for you, there are easy ways to accomplish that.

Providing fast and reliable Wi-Fi access, beverage stations, charging stations, etc. are all great ideas. You should also think about comfortable seating and some nice lights for folks who want to do some work while in the waiting area.

5. Encourage Good Hygiene

Make it easy for your patients and their parents to wash up by making sure the bathroom is conveniently located.

You should also consider putting hand-washing stations around the office. This will encourage anyone who visits your office to always practice proper hand hygiene.

Ready to Redesign Your Dental Office?

Now that you have some pediatric dental office design ideas, don't forget about choosing the right construction partner.

Lucky for you, we can help. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can start building your dream dental office.

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