4 Modern Dental Office Design Tips

4 Modern Dental Office Design Tips

August 12, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Did you know that the way that you use interior design can actually impact your mood? When it comes to dental and medical clinics, this is crucial. After all, you want your patients to be in good spirits when they visit you.

If it's been a while since you updated your dental office design, it's time to make some changes. We're here with a few quick tips that can help you improve your clinic. Read on to learn more.

1. Use Pops of Color

It was once popular for every dental and medical clinic to use an all-white (or neutral) color scheme. This color scheme looks clean, fresh, and (in theory) comforting.

For a modern dental office, however, we recommend using pops of color (or even choosing a bolder color scheme for your entire office).

If you run a pediatric dental clinic, opt for bright and cheerful colors. These colors can put children at ease before their appointments.

If you run a general dental clinic, dark and cool colors are a great choice. They're soothing and aesthetically appealing. They look far less "sterile" than plain white walls.

If you're unable to paint the walls, consider using artwork and furniture to create pops of color instead.

2. Consider an Open Floor Plan

This doesn't work for every type of dental clinic, but it's becoming more popular to have an open floor plan in the procedure room instead of having individual rooms for every patient.

You should still have some private rooms for shy patients or more complex procedures, but for basic procedures, an open floor plan creates an "airier" and brighter space. It also allows you to treat more patients at once, which is ideal for busy clinics.

3. Use Seating Pods

In the waiting area, don't settle for rows of seats. While this will allow you to seat more people in a limited amount of space, it makes the clinic look more like a classroom. If the seats all face the front desk, it may also make your staff feel uncomfortable.

Instead, use seating pods.

Have several seating areas with chairs or couches facing each other as well as a few individual seats for patients who arrived alone. This allows people to sit with the people that they arrived with. This is even more important for family or pediatric dental clinics because children can sit with guardians.

4. Prioritize Natural Light

Artificial overhead lights are necessary, but when it's possible to do so, let natural light into your dental office.

Natural light may reduce stress and anxiety (which is crucial when it comes to anxious patients waiting for their procedures). It also creates a brighter and more aesthetically appealing environment.

If you can't add more windows, find ways to bounce light around. You can use mirrors, avoid cutting off light where it's possible to do so, and use bright and light colors.

Improve Your Dental Office Design With These Tips

Use these tips to bring your dental office design into 2022. Use bright colors, seating pods, natural light, and an open floor plan to create a better and more comfortable environment for your patients.

Are you ready to upgrade your dental clinic? We want to meet you! Contact Arminco Inc so we can start working on your project today.

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