4 Medical Office Design Ideas to Improve Patient Experience

4 Medical Office Design Ideas to Improve Patient Experience

May 06, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans avoid going to the doctor when they need medical care? As a medical professional, it's your responsibility to ensure that the patient experience is as comfortable as possible if you want your patients to visit you when they need help.

This starts with your medical office design. You have to create an environment that will keep your patients calm while they wait and throughout their visit.

We're here with a few medical office design tips to help you out. Read on to learn more.

1. Prioritize Comfort

When your patients are waiting to see you, make sure that they can stay comfortable. Your waiting room layout should put comfort center stage. Remember that many of your patients may be nervous, feeling ill, or in pain.

Use furniture that's comfortable but not too cushy. Patients should still be alert and ready to get up at a moment's notice.

We recommend having seating pods rather than lines of chairs. This will ensure that no one has to look at the back of someone else's head and it will allow people to sit with their friends or families that they arrived with. This is especially important if you have young patients.

2. Have Private Rooms Available

Having private rooms available will make the patient experience far more comfortable. You should try to have a private waiting area if possible (for patients who may be medically compromised, patients who aren't neurotypical and need extra space, or patients who are nursing).

It's also a good idea to have private rooms (aside from your procedure rooms) for patients. You can pull them aside into a private area to discuss any sensitive information and allow someone else to begin their appointment in the other room so no one has to wait.

3. Incorporate Color and Decor

Color can really brighten up a waiting room and make it more welcoming. You can also incorporate color and decor in your actual procedure room.

White and beige walls look sterile and uninviting. When they're paired with fluorescent lighting, they might make patients feel anxious or uncomfortable.

Use pops of bright and cool colors (like blue and teal) to keep your patients feeling calm. Consider adding a few paintings or even a mural wall to further enhance the patient experience.

Again, this is even more important if you treat young patients at your practice.

4. Let the Light In

Did you know that natural light can be calming? In contrast, fluorescent artificial lights can give people headaches or promote anxiety. If possible, maximize natural light in your medical office to keep your patients calm and comfortable.

Letting in natural light will also elevate your overall interior design and allow you to save money on your power bill.

If you can't incorporate more windows, arrange your furniture so that it's never blocking the windows. Avoid using heavy shades or curtains.

Maximize Your Medical Office Design for the Patient Experience

Use these medical office design ideas to elevate your practice and make visits more comfortable for your patients. Remember, your patients keep your business running. They deserve a calm and comforting experience.

Do you need help making the most of your medical office design? At Arminco Inc, we want to help you. Contact us so we can start working together today.

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