4 Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

4 Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

May 15, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

These days, the medical field understands the importance of making the patient experience as positive as possible. And this positive experience often starts with the design of the medical office itself. 

Dental offices were once stark and uninviting copies of one another. But, new dental office interior design concepts are helping practices feel more patient-focused. 

And, while dental health will always be a priority, an uplifting and comfortable office environment can help strengthen the ongoing relationship of trust and confidence between dentists and their patients. 

Check out these dental office interior design ideas for inspiration. 

1. Invigorating Colors and Lighting

Dentist office interior design is no longer about white walls, boring beige carpets, and basic strip lighting. 

All colors evoke different responses, so it pays to consider what emotions you wish to convey when choosing the leading colors for any space. Blues can help create a serene and relaxing environment for dental patients to enter. Yellows are inviting and invigorating, orange inspires energy, and purple feels luxurious. 

Likewise, unique lighting fixtures arranged to illuminate specific areas of the dental office help encourage movement and a positive flow of energy. 

2. Luxe Details

It's important to take function into account within dental office interior designs. But that should never be the only consideration. 

Dreary interiors make for a miserable patient experience. Keep things modern and luxurious with metal accents, ergonomic design, and plush seating. The result will be an interior that brings both form and function to the forefront. 

3. Inviting Waiting Areas

The best dental office interior design ideas will resonate with your patients on a personal level. And nothing feels better for dental patients than entering an inviting waiting area. 

Rows of uncomfortable seats, outdated magazines, and a couple of children's toys won't cut it anymore. Instead, consider flat-screen televisions, a welcoming fireplace, original artwork, and elegant chairs. 

Customized design solutions can help you create the feel of a chic coffee shop or a hotel lobby with several seating areas for patients to relax in. 

4. Unique Themes 

As dental interior design evolves, identical, bland offices are a thing of the past. 

But if you want to create a more unique feel for your practice, why not consider the popular Instagram-friendly design concept of keeping to a theme? 

Seek inspiration from your office's location with cityscape photos and local memorabilia. Add the drama of the theater with plush velvet seating and retro movie posters. Or recreate the feel of a modern art museum with abstract paintings, central seating options, and an attractive water feature.  

The Key to Great Dental Office Interior Design

Stark white walls and functional features might have sufficed in the past. But in our modern, client-focused world, we've come to expect a dynamic design that puts our needs and feelings first. 

As such, the key to great dental office interior design is to make your patients feel like you've created a space just for them. 

Are you inspired to update your dental office interior design? Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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