4 Dental Office Design Ideas to Welcome Your Patients With

4 Dental Office Design Ideas to Welcome Your Patients With

March 05, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

Nearly 36% of Americans have some sort of anxiety over going to the dentist. What's more, nearly 12% have a major fear of the dentist.

Patients with dental anxiety may avoid going to the dentist unless it's a must. When they do go to the dentist, they may be uncomfortable and nervous.

However, there are things you can do in your dental office that can ease a patient's anxiety. You can design a welcoming, calming environment in your dental office.

Your dental office design is one of the first things that your patients will notice when they walk into your office.

Want to learn more? Here are four dental office design ideas to help create a welcoming atmosphere.

1. Design With a Theme

You can design your dental office with a specific theme or design style. If you have a pediatric dental office, you can choose a fun theme that you can incorporate throughout the office.

If you have a dental office for adults or a family dental office, you can design with an inviting style such as a relaxing oasis or a modern, chic office.

2. Set up a Play Area for Kids

Your patient checks in for their appointment. They walk to the seating area in the waiting room. Now, what do they do until it's their turn?

They can scroll through their phone. How about if they have kids with them?

You can set up an entertainment area for the kids to keep them occupied while they wait. This can include a special area for toys, TV, or even a game-playing area.

For adults, you can provide magazines or something to look through too.

3. Use Color

Color can help set a calm, relaxing atmosphere in your dental office.

The colors that you choose are going to depend on your office style and theme.

Can color affect our emotions? Certain colors can represent different feelings or moods to us. For example, the color blue is said to reflect serenity or calmness.

You don't want to make your office appear overwhelming with color. You can design with pops of color such as an accent wall.

You can also hang up interesting artwork or decorate with plants. These touches can help make your dental office look more inviting.

4. Use Lighting

You want to use lighting that will illuminate your office and make it warm and inviting. The lighting should be not too harsh or bright and not too dim or dark either.

You can also use natural sunlight from windows to keep your office bright and cheery.

Final Thoughts on Dental Office Design Ideas

Dental offices don't have to be boring. The above ideas can help you design an office that looks good but is also inviting.

For those who are nervous about going to the dentist, a well-designed, welcoming space can help them be more comfortable during their visit.

Not sure how to get started? We offer professional design and construction for dental offices. Contact us to learn more and to get started on your dental office design.

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