3 Ways Medical Technology is Changing Medical Office Design

3 Ways Medical Technology is Changing Medical Office Design

May 13, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Did you know that 24 to 35% of patient satisfaction comes from office design? Patient experience is important in any medical office. Thus, it is important to make sure your medical office design is modern and comfortable.

Advancements in medical technology have affected the design of medical offices. Here are three ways that medical technology can improve medical office design:

1. Patient Comfort Comes First

Medical providers value patient comfort. A medical office design with modern technology is a great way to keep patients relaxed. New medical technology not only helps patients during their visit but is often sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

New medical technology will help patients during their visit, and keep them calm during any stressful moments. A modern office will not only comfort patients but will make their experience easier, too.

Digital kiosks have been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. These kiosks provide a contactless way for patients to check-in and out of their doctor's office. This is convenient for patients and staff and will make checking in simple and fast.

You want patients to feel comfortable throughout their entire appointment. You also don't want patients to get bored or frustrated while waiting for their appointment.

Doctor's offices used to use magazines to keep patients busy while waiting. But, in the age of cell phones, patients are far less likely to pick up an old, and likely outdated, magazine. Phone charging stations will keep patients happy and entertained until its time for their appointment.

2. Medical Technology Helps Workflow

The medical field has remained overwhelmed since the pandemic began. Smooth office workflow is a top priority now more than ever. Modern medical technology will help work run smoothly, keeping employees and patients happy.

Modern medical technology is fast and prioritizes workflow. Day-to-day tasks will become much easier for both staff and patients when you improve your medical office design with up-to-date medical technology.

Additionally, a modern doctor office layout can create a space that's easier to navigate for both patients and staff. Employee happiness accounts for a 12% increase in productivity. Offering modern, calming spaces where staff can take breaks can be the key to any successful workplace.

3. A Worthy Investment

Not only can modern medical technology improve staff and patient experiences, but it will save you money, too.

Implementing modern medical technology can help office efficiency and will improve medical office design. With the latest medical technology, office tasks that may have taken hours can be done within minutes. Modern technology saves time and makes work easier for everyone.

When employees are happier, and their work is easier, they will become more productive. And, with increased productivity will come greater profitability. Modern medical advancements will quickly pay for themselves.

How Can You Modernize Your Office?

Implementing modern medical technology is an essential part of any doctor's office design. If you want a productive office with comfortable, satisfied patients, modern medical technology can help you.

Curious about how to incorporate new medical technology into your office? Find out all you need to know about doctor office design tips and contact us today.

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