3 Ways Dental Office Interior Design can Affect Patient Anxiety

3 Ways Dental Office Interior Design can Affect Patient Anxiety

December 22, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

According to studies, between 5 to 15% of adults have severe dental phobia and 3% will never see a dentist. Unfortunately, dentistry anxiety prevents regular dental visits, which leads to severe oral health complications.

Chances are, your dental office has had many patients who were afraid to be there. But one of the best ways to minimize anxiety is to create a calming dental office.

Here are three ways that dental office interior design can relax your patients during their appointment:

1. The Color Scheme

Relaxing dental office interior design starts with the color scheme. Believe it or not, colors have a huge impact on a person's psyche. Therefore, the last thing you want is to paint the walls a color that will aggravate your patients.

Below are some good choices:

Blue: Blue provides a peaceful, relaxing feeling. It reminds people of the sky or the ocean which has a connection to nature, and nature is known to improve mood. Blue can also minimize blood pressure and heart rate.

Yellow: Yellow makes people feel energized and happy. If you want your patients to feel joyful choose yellow.

Red: Red is an energizing color. Depending on the patient, it can make them feel motivated or confident enough to go through with their appointment.

Green: Green is another color that creates a calming ambiance. It helps to elevate the mood and trigger happiness.

When using green, pick a soft to mild colored green rather than forest green. Deep green colors might feel overpowering and irritate individuals who are experiencing anxiety.

2. Furniture

While it's nice to have a modern dentist’s office, sometimes modern furniture is uncomfortable. However, there is a way that you can have an up-to-date design and provide a calming dental office.

Opt for furniture that's comfortable and relaxing, like plush couches and chairs. If you choose furniture that's hard or uncomfortable, it could increase your nervous patient’s agitation.

Not only that, but the last thing a person wants is to spend 30 minutes in the waiting room in an uncomfortable chair.

3. Lighting

Dental office interior design isn't just about furniture, patterns, or decorations. It's also about the lighting.

Lighting that's too overpowering disrupts a relaxing interior office. For example, fluorescent lights can cause headaches and irritate the eyes, which is not good when a patient is experiencing dentophobia.

You want your office lighting to set the mood for all the patients and provide a calming atmosphere.

Dental Office Interior Design

Are you ready to give your dental office interior design a makeover? If so, let Arminco Inc help. We offer design and architecture services for dental offices, as well as veterinary and medical offices. Our expert design team can create a calming dentist atmosphere that’s sure to minimize anxiety.

If you have questions for us, call 703-430-6669 or contact us online.

We look forward to providing you with a relaxing interior office.

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