3 New Dental Clinic Design Ideas

3 New Dental Clinic Design Ideas

September 06, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

A patient enters your dental office with an aching tooth, and to say that he is nervous and uncomfortable is an understatement. Fortunately, before he ever reaches one of your operatories, you can calm him down simply by offering him a soothing environment.

Recent research indicated that 19% of dental patients who participated in the study suffered moderate levels to high levels of dental anxiety. However, providing patients with a calm dental clinic design can aid in distracting them from their worries.

The question is, how do you redesign your dental practice to make it more welcoming to your patients?

Here's a rundown on three brilliant ideas to consider for your new dental clinic design.

Let's jump in!

1. Clinic Colors

One of the best dental clinic design ideas to execute is to use earthy blue paint and decor in your office.

Many clinics utilize white palettes, but these color schemes can easily become sad and boring at times. The benefit of an earthy blue hue is that it can reduce a patient's feeling of anxiety by creating a pacifying environment.

2. Natural Design Elements

When redesigning your dental clinic, consider adding biophilic -- or natural -- elements to your office as well. In other words, bring the outdoors indoors.

For instance, you can incorporate bamboo into your design, as this plant increases oxygen levels and will naturally relax dental patients. Wood textures in your office can also add to the charming, tranquil nature of your space.

Consider inviting an increased amount of natural light into your clinic as well. Other natural elements to take advantage of in your dental clinic include warm yellow lights, vegetation, and even water features.

3. Technology Features

Finally, consider upgrading your dental clinic by making it more technology friendly, bringing it into the 2020s.

As an example, consider adding a digital kiosk for patients to check in more quickly and easily. You may also want to set up a patient survey station for collecting feedback from patients before they leave your office. This type of station may especially be helpful for encouraging patients to share insights that they might not feel comfortable sharing with your team directly.

How We Can Help with Your Dental Clinic Design This Year

At Armonico, we are proud to be a leading construction and architecture firm that specializes in dental clinic design. We have also designed clinics for veterinary and medical clients.

Since 2005, we have helped numerous clients to create or enhance their medical spaces by utilizing highly skilled professionals. Our team includes the best site foremen, project managers, designers, architects, and consultants in the industry. When you work with us, you can be sure that your project will be done in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner from start to finish.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our clinic design services, and begin your game-changing project today!

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