3 Modern Doctor Office Design Ideas

3 Modern Doctor Office Design Ideas

June 10, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

As the population ages, demand for primary care physicians grows. Yet, a doctor can only see so many patients in a day.

What if doctors could streamline doctor visits, enabling them to see more patients in a healthier environment? Implementing state-of-the-art doctor office design enables physicians to do that.

A good office design helps patients feel calmer and healthier. It lets physicians offload unnecessary work to other team members.

Keep reading for doctor office design ideas that'll get the doctors back to the business of helping patients.

1. Calming and Functional Waiting Area

Patients spend about 18 minutes in the waiting room before seeing their physician. That's valuable time for the patient and the doctor. Why not put it to use?

A small kitchen area with a coffee and tea station helps set patients at ease. Green plants, nice lighting, and soft colors also help patients feel less anxious.

Modernize the waiting room with technology so patients can fill out health information. This is a better use of their time, instead of watching TV or reading magazines. That information goes straight to the doctor which speeds the process along.

2. Incorporate Biophilic Design Elements

Biophilic design improves healing while reducing stress. It's the solution for the doctor office design. Biophilic design incorporates nature through thoughtful use of color, pattern, and light.

In the built environment, biophilic design reconnects people to nature. This elicits a healing response. The sound of the ocean, a crackling fire, and walking among green trees all help calm the nervous system.

The doctor's waiting room needs a visual connection with nature. Even without windows, nature-driven doctor office design is possible.

Small water features, beautiful landscape photos, and calm light are part of biophilic design.

3. Human Factors Design in Exam Rooms

A common practice in exam rooms is the doctor typing into a computer while his back is to the patient. This puts a barrier between the doctor-patient relationship.

Instead, opt for more time facing patients by including a large screen hanging on the wall. When the doctor types information into the patient's electronic chart, the patient sees what the doctor types. The doctor sits in a chair facing the patient while typing into the chart.

Instead of an exam table taking up space in the middle of the room, try a reclining chair that also lies flat. When the patient is talking to the doctor, she's at the same level as the doctor, and they're facing each other.

This creates a patient-centric environment that encourages a better doctor-patient relationship. An experienced design firm can help incorporate all your desired elements.

Doctor Office Design for a Better Experience

Good doctor office design fosters a better patient-doctor relationship. It also elicits feelings of calm which reduces blood pressure.

Upgraded technology reduces physician workload. This allows more face-time with patients, as well as increased doctor availability. Incorporating biophilic design elements reconnects patients with nature which helps in the healing process.

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