3 Modern Dental Clinic Designs

3 Modern Dental Clinic Designs

May 27, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

Are you designing a brand new dental clinic, or perhaps thinking of redecorating your current one? Your clinic's design can have a huge impact on your customer's experience.

If you're hoping to gain and retain clients, make sure that they are comfortable in your office space by taking tips from these amazing modern dental clinic designs. 

1. Fuse Modern With Relaxed Design 

Especially for clinics servicing adult patients, we love modern design concepts fused with relaxed details. There are a few different ways to achieve this design concept. 

Try choosing a neutral color palette, such as white or creams for the walls, and adding warm decor. Adding rustic elements can help to make your space more comforting, while still keeping things modern and sophisticated. Try making a cozy, comfortable and relaxed space for patients who may be anxious about their visit. 

Add plush seating and rugs for a homey element that can help relax patients. Adding details like a fireplace and a coffee or tea station can help to strengthen these homey elements. 

2. Entertainment for All Ages 

By adding positive distractions through entertainment, you can help calm your patient's nerves, no matter their age. While entertainment is important in your design for all ages, how you will implement entertainment areas will differ depending on your typical patient's age range. Age-appropriate diversions can help your customers loosen up and become easier to work with. 

If you have children as patients, make sure your waiting room is full of interactive games. Pick a fun theme that you can work around to create a cohesive space for young visitors, such as space, underwater, or the zoo. If you have teenage patients, considering have a high-tech video game room. 

A great waiting room idea for patients of any age is adding a movie room. This can help get your patient's minds off of their anxieties regarding their visit.

Provide technologically friendly spaces for adult visitors that may need to work before their visit. You can do this by making sure you have adequate charging stations, as well as areas with tabletops and chairs that can act as a desk. 

3. Make Your Space Open and Airy 

While you want your office to be cozy and inviting, you also want to make sure it still gives off a somewhat clean and open design. This can be done by using an open floor plan instead of blocking off your space by adding walls. You want to make sure your space is open so that it looks professional, and your employees and clients have more than enough space. 

Amazing Dental Clinic Designs 

When planning your clinic, make sure you keep these dental clinic designs in mind so that you can create an effective and comforting space for your clients. By providing a professional and visually pleasing office space, you can make sure your clients leave impressed. 

Do you want interior and architectural design services from experienced professionals? Contact us today to get started with a design team that specializes in your industry. 

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