3 Inspiring Dental Office Design Ideas for Your Practice

3 Inspiring Dental Office Design Ideas for Your Practice

August 07, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

Is it time to spruce up your dental office?

Perhaps you are building a new practice from scratch, and you want an innovative approach to its design and aesthetic. The layout and decor of your practice contributes to your patients' first impression of you.

The following dental office design ideas will help you gain perspective on how your office should look. Read on, and let the brainstorming begin.

Why Dental Office Design Ideas Matter

According to the most recent year-end dental marketing report, positive dentist-patient connection is king. Fostering that connection immediately and in an organic manner can boost your practice's business.

Patients feel more comfortable in a welcoming atmosphere, and an uncluttered floor plan inspires their confidence in your entire dental team. Therefore, your office aesthetics play a large role in how patients perceive you. Their first impression of your practice will make or break their decision to return for subsequent visits.

1. The Perfect Circle

The layout of your office directly impacts how smoothly your dental practice operates. For instance, if your waiting room is not strategically adjacent to your receptionist's desk, your team has to work twice as hard to organize patient intake in an orderly fashion. This is why a circular layout is most intuitive.

You don't need a circular office space to map out a circular floor plan. Simply arrange your space so that patients can walk from the entrance to the reception desk, then directly to the waiting area. The entrance to the treatment area can be tastefully located parallel to the check-in desk. Then, you can opt for a separate patient exit out of the treatment area and back into the waiting room.


2. A Bright, Cheerful Waiting Room

Gone are the drab doctor's waiting offices of yesteryear. Instead, dental offices are focused on a bright, homey environment.

Follow color psychology to decorate your waiting room. You can add a mixture of bright colors, matching energizing lights, and minimalist art that complements your furniture. Your waiting room can also benefit from windows that let in ample natural light.

If you own a family practice, you may want to invest in creating a child-friendly dental office. Outfit your waiting area with a TV screen that blends into your decor. Also, for a modern take on entertainment, you can feature a mini game arcade as well as a toy table for your youngest patients.

3. A Versatile Treatment Space

How do you envision your treatment rooms? Are you more partial to small cubical's or an open patient care space?

In the pandemic era, a versatile layout is more important than ever. Small, cramped cubical's create the illusion of clutter, while a totally open layout may lack the feel of private space that patients need.

According to the latest CDC guidelines for dental offices, you need space to create opportunities for social distancing. However, this needs to be balanced with a friendly and open environment.

You can start with an open floor plan. Then, add cubical dividers that can be shifted around to create privacy for patients. Half walls can still create an open atmosphere while allowing patience the autonomy and distance they desire.

Reimagine Your Dental Office

Which of these dental office design ideas resonate with you?

You don't have to choose just one key aesthetic. Work with a professional design firm to blend aspects of modern architecture and decor into the dental office of your dreams. Here at Arminco Inc., we can help you reimagine your space to maximize efficiency and create a patient-centered environment. Contact us today to explore your potential.

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