3 Amazing Dental Office Design Ideas

3 Amazing Dental Office Design Ideas

May 08, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

Are you working on designing a new dental office? The design of your office can have a strong effect on the feelings of your future patients while they are in your new space.

Make sure your dental office design is keeping your customer's experience in mind by considering some of these amazing design ideas.

1. Bright, Open and Airy

Choosing an open floor plan is a great idea, especially for the treatment area. Rather than cutting up your space with walls and private rooms, choosing a more minimal floor plan can open the space up.

This is a great way to make sure your space is light and airy, taking advantage of all the natural light your space can offer. This can also offer an easier way for your team of employees to communicate, interact and assist one another.

Using bright and energizing colors and lighting can also help give your office a more expansive feel. By using light colors and metallic decor, you can give your space a reflective and open appearance.

Make sure your lighting fixtures are trendy while also giving areas the light they need.

2. Provide Entertainment

This is an especially important design element to implement if you plan to work with children at your dentist's office. By adding entertainment into your office's design, you can make your clients more comfortable.

If you plan to work with kids, make sure your interior design is kid-friendly. Using kid-friendly themes can help to make this experience less scary for young children.

Adding a kid corner like nook with games and television can be a great way to ease children into the idea of visiting your office.

Adding a movie room in the waiting area and adding televisions above your treatment chairs can be a great idea for clients of every age. This can help to soothe your patient's possible anxieties, giving them something else to focus on during their visit. This is also a great way to keep visitors occupied while they wait for the dentist.

3. Comfort Is Key

Rather than creating a sterile waiting room with hard plastic chairs and a table full of magazines, consider making things more comfortable and laid back for your clients.

When designing your waiting room, think about adding homey elements, like plush seating, a fireplace, and a flat-screen television.

Consider adding complementary areas such as a coffee or tea station, along with water and snacks. By helping your clients feel more at home, you will help to ease any anxiety or discomfort they may be having. It will also help you to retain customers who enjoyed their appointment experience.

Use These Dental Office Design Ideas

When planning your office, keep these dental office design ideas in mind to create a comforting place for your clients. Your client's experience is a vital aspect in determining if they will continue to use your services.

Make your dental office as comfortable and appealing as possible with these tips and tricks.

Do you need professional assistance with your interior design or architecture? Contact us today so that we can construct the office of your dreams.

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